Plus Belle la Vie : Manon Bresch (Theresa) is leaving the Mistral

Present in the series since 2015, the interpreter of Teresa Riva, the adoptive daughter of Thomas and Gabriel, will be leaving the soap of marseille. Bestimage Manon Bresch, interpreter Teresa Riva, in the Most Beautiful Life, if apprêterait to leave the soap opera history of France 3, according to information from our colleagues from Télé Loisirs . Part of the former band of high school students at the sides of his Baptist brother (Bryan Treasury), Kevin (Theo Bertrand) and Emma (Pauline Bression), she played one of the characters headlights of the series that viewers have seen grow up, and had taken over the role left vacant following the departure of actress Tia Diagne in 2015. Half-sister of Baptiste, she has lived an intrigue in love with Caesar (Grant Lawrens), another member of the band that has most recently set his sights on Emma, without success, since the young girl now lives a happy family life with Baptiste. Thérèse, more recessed in the series from 2016, has re-emerged recently following the plot around the family buried Gabriel (Joakim Latzko) in January 2019, has failed to shatter the balance of Riva. Now, the actress of 21 years and wishes to fly away to new horizons. The character of Teresa to leave so soon, the Mistral in order to go to study fashion in London. However, the production of the soap opera does not close the door to a possible return of the character in the seasons to come. After all, the series reaches out to resurrect characters that we thought dead ! Plus Belle la vie : Luna Torres soon faced with a terrible ordeal [SPOILERS]